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.."Helping Families Cope With Cancer"

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Helping Families

NCSF has provided financial assistance to a number of young families, helping them with with childcare costs, including nursery, pre-school as well as after school/holiday clubs. We also have helped some families to enjoy time together on holidays or days out with the family.

In addition we have made grants to assist in other areas - school transport, meals delivered to home, heating bills.

We are working hard to raise funds to provide more and more families in this position with support.

Some real examples:  

Visit to Lapland

We have helped a family with 2 children where the mother has cancer. Understandably the family needed convalescent break for mother, father and children before commencing treatment. We, together with their immediate family, funded a trip to Lapland.

"Many thanks for you kind donation, we had a wonderful time in Lapland and it has left us with special memories. We thank you with all our hearts".

Some more photos

Family A
We are funding child minding for 2 days a week child minding for a 2 year old girl. Initially agreed for 3 months and subject to review.

Family B
Grant given for family of 6 for a holiday/treat away.

Family C
Dealing with cancer as a single parent is especially difficult. We gave a grant towards Holiday club over summer weeks and help with the costs of meals, holiday, etc.

Family D
Another single parent family was given support for nursery for 3 days a week.

Family E
We gave a grant given for £100 towards weekend away/quality time for father/daughter.

Project Refurb

The Bristol Oncology Centre lacks facilities for patients with very young children - nappy changing often has to be done on the patients bed and cots usually have to be borrowed from kind staff.

The day-room for use by the patients of Ward 61 (in-patients) was refurbished, providing a comfy family room with facilities for young children.

Project Cool-It

Bristol Oncology Centre badly needed some refrigerators for the rooms in Ward 61. This ward is for in-patients that are having treatment or have developed a medical condition arising from their treatment that requires a stay in hospital.

They used to have but one 'fridge for all patients which resulted in a full fridge and in food going missing or being given to the wrong person. Also some patients cannot leave their room, due to the danger of infection - they had to rely upon the already busy staff to bring them drinks etc. from the fridge.

14 more followed !

We have supplied them with a total of 15 'fridges, so now each room has it's own source of ice and cool drinks. The patients can now keep an eye of their own drinks and the nurses also have a little bit less to do.



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